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wha does property management do
What does a property management company do?
Each is an important function performed for the landlord. 1. Preparing the property for viewing is a key to obtaining
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how to write a budget
How to write a budget: Bottom Up
No-one likes to write a budget, especially now when money is tight and associations may be feeling the strain of
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how to bid out big jobs
How to bid out big jobs
Everyone has their own idea of what a big job is. If capital monies are being expended that’s one definition.
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ban political signs
Can we ban political signs?
Section 1353.6 of the civil code prohibits governing documents of associations from banning non-commercial signs banners flags or posters in
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cumulative voting
What is cumulative voting and how does it work?
Older associations almost always had a provision that allowed for cumulative voting. Cumulative voting allows a member to use all
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property management license
Are property management companies licensed in California?
Yes and no. Anybody or company that sells or rents property on behalf of another must be licensed. Anyone dealing
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