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water in community associations
Water usage in community associations
One of the rising costs, perhaps one of the most steeply rising costs to many future associations, is water. How
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a key to good communication
The key to good communication
The oft-spoken complaint from both directors and homeowners in community associations is: “they never return either my phone calls or
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emergency property management phone
How does the emergency phone work for community management?
Most community management companies but not all have an emergency telephone system. How does it work? It an answering service
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safety in a -complex
How HOA management ensures safety in a complex?
Safety is one of those things we all muse on and do after the horse has bolted. Insurance companies are
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towing property management
Community parking issues: when to tow?
Towing is one of the most sensitive and common community parking issues. Some members relish the idea of towing an
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documents for hoa management
Property management and Condo Certs: what are the benefits?
Condocerts.com is an internet company that simplifies ordering and obtaining association documents for homeowners, buyers, agents, escrow firms, title companies,
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property management in-encinitas
What does a property management company do?
Have you ever wondered what a property management company does? Let us share a few of our duties, which include
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community budget
Homeowners Association Budget: how to prepare it?
Sometimes it can be hard to prepare Homeowners Association Budget. Especially now, when money is tight, and homeowner associations may
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bid out jobs for property
Community management: how to bid out big jobs?
Every community management company have their idea of what a big job is. If capital monies are being expended, that’s
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signs banned in property
Can a property management company ban political signs?
Section 1353.6 of the civil code prohibits associations’ governing documents from banning noncommercial signs, banners, flags, or posters on the
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cumulative voting for property
What is cumulative voting and how does it work?
Older associations almost always had a provision that allowed for cumulative voting. It allows a member to use all his
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Are property management companies licensed in California?
Yes and no. Property management companies or a company that sells or rents property on behalf of another must be
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