How HOA management ensures safety in a complex?

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How HOA management ensures safety in a complex?

Safety is one of those things we all muse on and do after the horse has bolted. Insurance companies are very busy, and one is lucky to get an annual inspection. Learn how HOA management ensures safety in the complex.

HOA Management and Annual Inspection

An annual inspection is not about picking up a defective spring on a pool gate or a malfunctioning lock on the same gate unless the timing is very propitious.

Many are opposed to this because they are afraid they may be asked to take on a large expense when it has not been budgeted. Sometimes narrowing the spacing between the barriers can save a life!

What’s a board to do? Most homeowner associations have similar amenities like pools, bbq’s, tennis courts, paved areas, trash receptacles, and concrete pathway staircases. It is not difficult to construct an inspection checklist for any association. 

How Pilot Property Management ensures safety?

Pilot property management developed a master 103 point checklist that we edit for use at any homeowner associations. For example, if the complex has elevators, they are usually inspected monthly by contract, but we have 4 or 5 items we check if they have an elevator. We look for cleanliness, an annual inspection permit, the load test certification, and the telephone.