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How does the emergency phone work for community management?

How does the emergency phone work for community management?

Most community management companies but not all have an emergency telephone system. How does it work? It an answering service that transmits the message and caller to a selected member of the management team. Others have an emergency phone number advertised in their marketing material. Yet others give out an emergency number at their regular office number.

Hopefully, whatever the method is, members of the management’s team staff will answer and direct the caller on what to do. Our company rotates the emergency phone whose number is available from the after-hours phone number daily. In other words, a member of staff handles the calls for one week at a time. They have a binder with everyone’s telephone number, including emergency numbers and a list of the regular vendors for each association. 

Our customer service representative then follows up the next day or first workday to determine if the matter has been satisfactorily handled; we are unsure what happens in other community management companies. Maybe their experience is similar to ours; we do get a call or two about billing inquiries.

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