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Can I deny pets?

Yes, but a person may share that they have a special need and may be allowed to have a specially trained animal to meet those needs.

Are board members elected for life?

No, but some volunteer every year or every two-year, if the association has two year terms.

What is the difference between directors and officers?

Directors are elected by the membership by secret ballot of the membership. The officers are selected by the directors from the group of directors usually by a voice vote or acclamation. Normally directors are president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary. Any additional directors are usually known as at large. Assistant treasurer or assistant secretaries are not uncommon. Some communities allow for the appointment of certain officers who are not elected directors.

what are members allowed to do at board meetings?

Nearly always members are given an open forum time period in which to bring ideas, suggestions, complaints or tributes (happens occasionally but no often enough) to the attention of the board. Otherwise the board meeting is just that; a meeting of the board to discuss and decide on certain options. From time to time the board may call upon the expertise of a member who may have superior knowledge in a certain arena or who feels strongly that his or her opinion should be heard. A decision on who speaks under Roberts rules of order is made by the president or presiding officer. An annual meeting is held each year to elect the new board of directors and that is the time when member’s voices must be heard. It is the once a year members meeting.

I have heard of landlords charging a non-refundable cleaning deposit of say $200-300.Is this legal?

No. However landlords may charge to clean a home if it is left by the departing tenant in an obviously unclean condition. The amount of the charge will be determined by the party who performs the work supported by their bill. It must of course be reasonable for the work performed.

Can a landlord refuse my application because I have school age kids?

No – that is familial discrimination. However, there are some senior communities who may require that at least one resident be 55 and any other occupant must be at least 45.

How long do I have to return the security deposit of my tenant?

21 days.

Can I deny smokers