Property management and Condo Certs: what are the benefits?

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Property management and Condo Certs: what are the benefits? is an internet company that simplifies ordering and obtaining association documents for homeowners, buyers, agents, escrow firms, title companies, and appraisers. It is beneficial and helpful for property management companies.

Keystone chose to work with Condo Certs because it alleviated the time it took our staff to process these requests. Condo Certs dispenses this type of information daily, which allows our company and the Community managers to focus on other tasks.

Benefits of digital Condo Certs for property management

If an issue should arise, Condo Certs resolves the problem within the same day, and they always have a representative available for us to communicate with it. This day in age, everything is either done by an email request. With the availability to upload, download documents, they have created a better way to expedite the important request for a buyer or seller.

Another incentive is that Keystone is progressing with the choice to become green! Before all packages were done in paper form, now with Condo Certs, the client has an option to order the documents and have them emailed a PDF format or a paper package. If an owner needs just an individual document, they can order and have it downloaded and saved on their computer, eliminating all the paperwork to pile up. We are delighted with our decision to use Condo Certs and understand why so many other management companies use them.

What Condo Certs offers to you?

On Condo Certs, you will be able to access all governing documents, minutes, budgets, financials, insurance declaration pages, reserve reports, and other information that a buyer or seller might need to complete their transaction.

Lenders can obtain a condo questionnaire that Condo Certs created that covers the typical lender questions required to approve a loan. If you need a specific questionnaire to be manually completed, Condo Certs customer support will assist you with the order. If a buyer, escrow company, lender, agent has additional questions after the request has been completed, you can contact Pilot and ask to speak with the Escrow Department.

How to use Condo Certs?

Using is simple, you log on to to create an account at no cost. There you will be able to find the association and can begin ordering the documents you need. You have the choice to order a full package or individual documents as well. has a great and friendly staff that will assist you with any of your questions. You can also reach us here at Keystone if you should need additional assistance.