Community parking issues: when to tow?

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Community parking issues: when to tow?

Towing is one of the most sensitive and common community parking issues. Some members relish the idea of towing an idiot that parks in a specific place such as a fire lane or front of a garage entrance.

While those two places are relatively easy to determine and can cause immediate tow by a towing company, it is the other kind of parking, or should I say storing or mis-parking, that creates a more significant discussion. For example:

1. Parking in someone else’s spot
2. Leaving a vehicle too long in space
3. Parking in guest parking space
4. Not visibly displaying a parking sticker

The list goes on and is less easy to decide. Yet, communities do have to decide if only because someone has to sign off on the tow.

How property management is dealing with community parking issues?

There are two keys to having a successful towing policy. One is the set of rules published to the members, and the second is the selection of a towing company and its signage and policing behavior.

Without the first, a community can get itself into a world of harm and cause a substantial cost to a vehicle owner, never mind the inconvenience.

All too often, the rules can be silent on a particular action or behavior, which will result in unnecessary ill will within the community. Selecting a towing company that will support you in the case of an error in judgment or mistaken action is also vital.

When to tow the vehicle from community?

It’s totally up to the homeowner’s association. If it’s a big problem, it will disappear if it’s a small problem, maybe it will resolve itself with the departure of an individual owner or even tenant.You can always contact your property management company for advice and suggestions.