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Can a property management company ban political signs?

Can a property management company ban political signs?

Section 1353.6 of the civil code prohibits associations’ governing documents from banning noncommercial signs, banners, flags, or posters on the property in or on an owner’s separate interest.

Where can you post a sign in a Homeowners Association?

Signs on the property may be posted in a window, a door, a balcony, or a separate interest wall as long as they are made of paper, cardboard, cloth plastic, or fabric. However, the signs may not be made of lights, balloons, or certain building materials. Also, the noncommercial signs may not be painted on an architectural surface.

When can property management prohibit signs?

An association may prohibit noncommercial signs that are more than 9 square feet in size or more than 15 square feet if it is a banner or flag. So political signs or banners, subject to size limitations, must be allowed. Many associations use the size limitations for a commercial real estate sale or lease signs also.

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